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account_box Tania Jones chevron_right starstarstarstarstar

event Date: 2022-02-05
assignment_turned_in Project: worked for Eugenio
assistant Location: Leesburg

comment Mr.Eugenio is not a very clear man.I worked for this company and he still owns me about $1200 of unpaid phone bills that he made me get under my name left me stuck with a phone line i didnt need to get.when asked about my payment he refused to pay me so now just to get paid i have to wait until court system send me a notice of court date. i would think twice if wanting to get anything done with this companie. i still have customers calling me for undone work he has left and i should be receiving anything from his bussiness at all. ANd he still has the gut to text me for holidays and sending me pictures of work that i dont care about. Anyone working with him please becareful.He doesnt even know how to get things done on the web and has all his permitts not updated which causes him issue on completing jobs on time.and if you do read this DONT THINK IM NOT DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.you dont lie and say you are going to pay me when Mr.eugenio and Beltran you dont unpaid an employee and treat me like i didnt do anything for your company because i still have documents that say another thing .

account_box rahid niyah chevron_right starstarstarstarstar

event Date: 2021-06-30
assignment_turned_in Project: upgrading panel and some light work
assistant Location: sterling

comment upgraded and panel and some light fixures was need.Eugene did a great job and far most such a great team! Very professional and so fast on getting my work done right to my home.

account_box Eduardo chevron_right starstarstarstarstar

event Date: 2021-05-06
assignment_turned_in Project: Home
assistant Location: Fairfax

comment I was so happy with how Eugene work was done and how he knew what was best product for our home.

account_box Nicole chevron_right starstarstarstarstar

event Date: 2019-11-26
assignment_turned_in Project: Home
assistant Location: Fairfax

comment I enjoy working with Eugene! Very kind and always looking into cool new products for your home.

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